Sex Crimes

Whether you are a mother of three, a college coach or a CFO accused of committing a sex crime, obtain an experienced defense strategy. The stigma associated with the charge of a sex crime can be life changing. The best investment you can make is to select an experienced criminal defense attorney prepared to defend your rights when the stakes are high.

At Larson, Thompson & Sanchez, we have decades of experience defending against sex crime charges in Tallahassee and surrounding communities in Florida. Our defense team includes former prosecutors and a former police officer who know firsthand what you are up against. We know how to stay ahead of the prosecution at every turn possible through developing an aggressive defense strategy.

Whether you are wrongfully accused or believe the charges against you do not fit the crime you allegedly committed, contact us for experienced legal help. Without a lawyer, you will be at the mercy of the prosecution and the judge. And they are not on your side. We are.

When the Stakes Are High, We Will Help Level the Playing Field Against You

Federal and state prosecutors invest substantial resources into pursuing charges against individuals suspected of committing sex crimes. Few charges can be crippling - communities are quick to convict individuals long before a case is even heard. When the stakes are high, do not enlist just any attorney to protect your future. The right defense team will know how to position you for the most favorable resolution possible.

At Larson, Thompson & Sanchez, we have extensive experience defending good, hardworking people facing similar charges to you. Our firm's former prosecutors have a clear understanding of the steps law enforcement is taking to develop a case against you. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to mount an aggressive defense against felony or misdemeanor sex crime charges, including:

  • Sexual assault and aggravated assault
  • Rape, statutory rape and date rape
  • Child molestation
  • Domestic violence involving sex assault charges
  • Internet sex crimes, including solicitation of a minor and child pornography possession

Every sex crime allegation is fact specific. We have defended many people in similar situations to yours, yet we never make any false assumptions. We will vigorously investigate all aspects of the case, including the facts leading up to the arrest.

If law enforcement encouraged any illegal or questionable behavior, we will pursue a defense around entrapment. Our legal team is also prepared to fight for a dismissal if law enforcement failed to obtain a search warrant or acted outside of the search warrant's terms. We will make sure that the judge or jury understands the entire story, not just the prosecution's side.

We also have the skills and legal resources to develop a strong defense against Internet sex crime allegations. Our legal team has access to network specialists and computer experts invaluable in helping it develop an aggressive defense. If someone hacked into your operating system or downloaded pornographic imagines onto your computer without your knowledge, we will use expert testimony to demonstrate your innocence. We are committed to protecting your rights at every turn possible.

Contact Our Experienced Leon County Rape Defense Attorneys

Whether you are accused of rape or Internet solicitation, you have no time to waste. Select an experienced criminal defense attorney prepared to protect your constitutional rights.

At Larson, Thompson & Sanchez, we know how to help you. Send us an email or call us in complete confidence at 815-810-3014 locally or toll free at 712-472-1206.