Protect Your Rights Under Grand Jury Investigation

You Have Never Heard of Some of Our Best Successes on Behalf of Our Clients

You have never heard of our most successful grand jury case representations because our clients were never indicted. Our firm has the knowledge, the experience and the understanding of the grand jury investigation system to vigilantly protect your rights and manage your case throughout any federal or state grand jury proceeding.

When mistakes count, choose perfectionists whose hearts, minds and souls are invested in your criminal defense case.

Representing Public Officials in Grand Jury Proceedings

Our lawyers have represented clients and persons of interest in grand jury proceedings, some whose investigations lasted a year, with no returned indictment. Our clients include state representatives, members of the judiciary, lobbyists and other public figures. They were under investigation or accused of racketeering, public or state corruption, white collar crimes, tax fraud cases and other serious criminal offenses.

Skilled Strategic Counsel

Generally, grand jury proceedings take weeks or months to come to a close. The evidence that is presented is from the prosecution and prosecution witnesses, giving the prosecution a decided advantage. If you are supposed to appear before the grand jury, you may not have the right to have your lawyer present with you. This is where the skilled and strategic counsel of the attorneys at Larson, Thompson & Sanchez can really make a difference.

Decades of Proven Experience and a Successful Track Record

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling criminal law matters and grand jury proceedings. We seek to manage not only your case, but also any media attention related to your legal matter. We can help you avoid incriminating yourself while already putting a plan in place for a strong defense in the event that the grand jury does return an indictment.

Protect Yourself

People have no idea how easy it is to incriminate themselves. This is one of the key reasons for the protection of the Miranda warning, paraphrased like this: You have the right to remain silent and anything that you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Speak with an attorney before talking to law enforcement.

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