Domestic Violence

Family disputes can quickly spiral out of control. If you are accused of domestic abuse, obtain experienced legal help. You may be tempted to try and explain your version of facts to law enforcement. However, even a slight detail could be twisted and used against you.

At Larson, Thompson & Sanchez, we have decades of experience defending clients accused of spousal abuse. We understand that domestic assault allegations can be misconstrued. Each side generally has a different recollection of the facts involved. Do not get caught in a war of words. We will strive to protect your rights following an arrest.

We have extensive experience handling highly complicated cases involving allegations of spousal abuse. We know how to develop an aggressive defense strategy, even in cases involving one person's word against someone else's version of the facts. Contact us today for a free initial consultation in Tallahassee, Florida.

Leon County Domestic Assault Defense Lawyers Working for You

Every domestic violence charge is fact specific. Your ex may have falsely accused you of child abuse to gain an upper hand in child custody arrangements. Or, you may be surprised to learn you are facing domestic violence charges after simply having a verbal argument with your spouse.

Our law firm's criminal defense attorneys include former prosecutors and a former police officer. We understand firsthand the steps law enforcement is likely taking in developing a case against you. We will take every measure possible to protect your constitutional rights.

If law enforcement threw you in jail before even conducting an investigation, we will pursue a dismissal based on a violation of your constitutional rights. We will also conduct our own investigation into the circumstances against you.

If any neighbors or adult children witnessed the altercation, we will interview them to try and uncover any holes or contradictory information in the alleged victim's story. We are also prepared to review any medical records to understand if any of the wounds were self-inflicted. Our defense attorneys will fight for a restraining order to be lifted and the charges dropped based on a lack of evidence.

Pursuing a Reduction of Spousal Abuse Charges in Tallahassee, Florida

We are not only aggressive defense attorneys. We are also smart in ensuring every move we make is in your best interests. Our defense attorneys know when it's the right time to negotiate with the prosecution for a reduction in penalties. We will work with the prosecutors for a lower sentence based on your clean record or any proactive steps you have taken to get help.

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If you become convicted of spousal assault, you could be slapped with jail time, substantial fines and a protective order. You even risk losing time with your children. When your future is on the line, act quickly to obtain experienced legal help.

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