Criminal Defense

Whether due to a mistake or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, people from all walks of life may find themselves facing serious criminal charges. Some criminal accusations can even strike down even the most highly regarded individuals in your community.

If you were arrested or are under investigation for a crime in Florida, your career, reputation and home life may be in jeopardy. This is not the time to hire a lawyer who will try to "get you off the hook." Seek a firm that will go the distance with you and address the business and personal ramifications of your charge as well.

Experienced And Professional Criminal Defense Attorneys Fighting for You

At the Tallahassee law firm of Larson, Thompson & Sanchez, our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined legal experience, and we bring a high level of skill, professionalism and attentiveness to each federal and state criminal defense case we handle. We have helped defend hundreds of professional and distinguished clients, and we maintain a proven track record of success handling numerous complex and high-profile defense cases for clients throughout Florida.

What Is The Difference Between A Federal And State Criminal Charge?

While any criminal charge should be taken seriously, there are some important differences between federal and state crimes.

  • Federal charges generally stem from violations of family law. White collar crimes such as mail fraud, conspiracy and embezzlement are federal crimes. Governmental agencies, such as the FBI, DEA or IRS, investigate federal crimes, and such investigations are usually long and drawn-out. You may not even know you are under investigation for a federal crime until investigators are certain they have a solid case against you. Trials are held in federal courts, and, if convicted, federal guidelines dictate the sentence you may receive. Jail sentences are served in federal prisons.
  • State charges are filed following violations of state laws, such as homicide, domestic violence and drunk driving. Your case can move quickly from arrest to sentencing and will take place in a state court. However, if the violation involves crossing state lines or parties from different states, or if it occurs on federal property, it will often be charged, tried and sentenced as a federal crime.

No matter how serious your criminal charge is, there is a defense, and you have a right to it. No matter how strong the evidence against you may appear, we will review the details of your claim and create the best strategic defense possible for your unique circumstances.

Our skilled and experienced legal team will guide you through the federal or state criminal defense process, fighting for your rights and your freedom every step of the way. Some of the clients we have previously helped include:

  • Public officials under investigation for charges of public corruption
  • Medical professionals accused of fraud
  • Lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals who are in danger of losing their professional licenses
  • Business owners facing drunk driving and drug charges
  • College students whose mistakes in judgment led to serious felony charges

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Contact us to discuss your specific concerns about a criminal charge, investigation or grand jury proceeding. Our lawyers are former prosecutors and assistant attorneys general, and we will use our past experiences to your advantage.

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